Products and Services

Archie Marshall, Inc. develops creative solutions through strategic application of new technologies. We have unsurpassed experience to help solve complex business networking problems in order to reach the desired bottom-line results for your business.

Cisco Systems Registered Partner - Our focus on single vendor solutions provide the know how that allows our customers' networks to work harder and more efficiently, delivering optimum performance in complex business environments.
Our I-Everything service model turns communication challenges into competitive advantages by providing solutions that uniquely package our consultation, implementation, training and technical support services into a singular convenient, modular product.
I-Everything modules:

Local Area Network: Our solutions will interconnect your in-house computers and get your internal network running at peak efficiency.

Intranet: Our IP networking technology solutions will greatly enhance and improve the business computing environment for your business.

Internet: We provide network solutions for your internet communications.

I-Commerce: We provide networking solutions for e-Business.

Service Provider: We provide the know how to keep the technologies of the internet running at peak performance.

Multiservice: We integrate voice, video and data solutions into your network.

No matter what stage of network development you may be in, our I-Everything service model can get you where you want to be. Click here for more details about what the I-Everything service model can do for you.